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Welcome to
the Stars of Lyric Opera
at Millennium Park

Please be patient.

Stars of Lyric Opera at Millennium Park


The Lyric Opera Orchestra
The Lyric Opera Chorus
Sir Andrew Davis, Conductor
Michael Black, Chorus Master

Concert Program

Full program translations follow program listing below.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Excerpts from Die Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute)



Lyric Opera Orchestra

Act I, “Dies Bildnis”

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Jonathan Johnson (Tamino)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Die Entführung aus dem Serail / The Abduction from the Seraglio

Act III, “O, wie will ich triumphieren”

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Tobias Kehrer (Osmin)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Act I, “Godiam la pace”

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Diana Newman (Woman of Crete)
Lindsay Metzger (Woman of Crete)
Alec Carlson (Trojan Man)
Patrick Guetti (Trojan Man)
Lyric Opera Chorus

Gaetano Donizetti

Lucia di Lammermoor

Act II, sc. ii, “Per te d’immenso giubilo”

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Jonathan Johnson (Arturo)

Giuseppe Verdi

Don Carlo

Act IV, sc. i, “O don fatale”

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Tanja Ariane Baumgartner (Eboli)

Giuseppe Verdi

I vespri siciliani

Act II, sc. i, “O patria…O tu, Palermo”

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Eric Owens (Procida)

Giuseppe Verdi

Don Carlo

Act IV, sc. ii, “Son io, mio Carlo…Per me giunto…O Carlo, ascolta”

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Quinn Kelsey (Posa)


Georges Bizet


Act I, Prelude


Lyric Opera Orchestra

Act I, “L’amour est un oiseau rebelle” (Habanera)

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Tanja Ariane Baumgartner (Carmen)
Lyric Opera Chorus

Charles Gounod


Act II, “Le veau d’or”

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Eric Owens (Méphistophélès)
Lyric Opera Chorus

Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky

The Queen of Spades

Act II, “Ya vas lyublyu”

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Quinn Kelsey (Prince Yeletsky)

Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Excerpts from Eugene Onegin

Act III, Polonaise


Lyric Opera Orchestra

Act I, sc. i, “Bolyat moyi skori…Uzh kak, po mostu, mostochku”

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Ann Toomey (Mme. Larina)
Lyric Opera Chorus

Richard Wagner

Excerpts from Der fliegende Holländer (The Flying Dutchman)

Act II, “Mögst du, mein Kind”

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Wilhelm Schwinghammer (Daland)

Act I, “Die Frist ist um”

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Samuel Youn (Dutchman)

Program Translations

Die Zauberflöte — Overture

Die Zauberflöte — “Dies Bildnis”


The face in this portrait is more
beautiful than any ever seen.
How it moves me!
She is like a goddess.
My heart is filled with
a strange new emotion.
I don’t know what to call it,
yet I feel it burn like a flame.
Can this be love?
Yes, it must be love!
Oh, if only I could find her!
If only she stood before me!
I would warmly and tenderly… …enfold her in my arms.
I would make her mine forever!

The Abduction from the Seraglio — “O, wie will ich triumphieren”


Very soon I’ll be triumphant!
While I watch, they’ll string you up.
I’ll be laughing, dancing, singing,
in delight and exultation…
…having rid myself of you.
Now my triumph is approaching…
Like two mice you crept so softly,
hoping to escape the harem…
But we heard you anyway,
and kept you both from fleeing…
…so you’d get what you deserve.
Just like mice, you crept so softly…
Very soon I’ll be triumphant!
I’ll be dancing! Laughing!
Singing songs of joy as you expire!
I’ll be done with you at last.
Very soon I’ll be triumphant!
While I watch, they’ll string you up.

Idomeneo — “Godiam la pace”


Rejoice, good people,
in peace and friendship…
…for both unite us
this happy day.


Love has extinguished
war’s fiery torches.
Where foes once battled,
harmony reigns.


Gods, we are grateful
for your compassion.
Swayed by her beauty,
you set us free.


Rejoice, good people,
in peace and friendship…
…for both unite us
this happy day.

Lucia di Lammermoor — “Per te d’immenso giubilo”


Greeting you here, we celebrate.
Hope is reborn among us.
Guided by love, you come here,
summoned by love and friendship.
Driving away night’s darkness,
you light our world with joy.


It seemed as if an evil cloud
had dimmed the star above you…
…but I will make it shine again,
more lustrous still, and fairer.
Give me your hand, Enrico,
and know I hold you dear…
…for I will now defend you
as brother and as friend.

Nabucco — “Va, pensiero”


Go, my thoughts, as if flying on golden wings.
Rest at last on the hillsides of Zion.
Soar aloft amid sweet-scented breezes
to the homeland I left long ago.
To the waters of Jordan bear greetings,
to the ruins of Zion’s proud towers.
O my homeland, so lovely, now lost to me,
recollections both tender and sad!
Tell me why, golden harps of the prophets,
why you silently hang on the willow.
Reawaken fond memories in us
of those songs we once sang long ago.
As you once mourned Jerusalem’s passing,
sound an echo of bitter lamenting.
Or, inspired anew by Jehovah,
make our courage endure to the last.

Don Carlo — “O don fatale”


Never again will I see the Queen!
Oh fatal gift…given to me
by a furious Heaven!
Accursed beauty!
You awaken only vanity and pride.
I shed only hopeless tears of sorrow.
My crime cannot be undone.
Oh my Queen, I sacrificed you
to the error of my heart.
Only inside the walls of a convent
may I hide my shame.
I will pass my days alone
in the silence of a cloister.
And Carlo?
To die tomorrow…before my eyes!
One day is left!
Hope will guide me!
With the help of God,
I will save him!

I vespri siciliani — “O tu, Palermo”


My country! Dear homeland,
at last I behold you again!
This exile salutes you after
such a long absence!
Your flowering ground can now
receive my loving kiss.
I’ll keep my pledge to you,
with my arm and with my heart.
Oh, Palermo, beloved land,
so dear to me, like a smile of love.
Raise up your face, and after
all the outrage you’ve endured…
…return to your former glory!
Everywhere in foreign lands,
I searched for those who could help you.
But they remained unmoved.
Everyone declared…
“Sicilians, where is your old courage?
Arise! To victory and honor!”
“Victory and honor!”
Oh, Palermo, beloved land,
so dear to me, like a smile of love.
Raise up your face, and after
all the outrage you’ve endured…
…return to your former glory!

Don Carlo — “Per me giunto…Io morrò”


You must leave this place of death.
My heart still rejoices to see you.
I saved your life!
We must say farewell, my Carlo.
For me the fatal hour has come…
we will never meet again.
God will unite us in Heaven…
the One who rewards all the faithful.
Why are your eyes filled with sorrow?
Gather your courage!
The moment of death is joyful
for one who dies for you.
Carlo, your mother…
…awaits you at the cloister.
She was told everything.
Give me your hand…
I die, but with joy in my heart.
I have preserved the savior of Spain!
Do not forget me!
You must rule,
and I must die for you…
My death has saved you for Spain!
Save Flanders…farewell…

Carmen — Act I, Prelude

Carmen — “Mais nous ne voyons pas” & Habanera


But we’ve yet to see
la Carmencita!
Here she is — Carmencita!
Carmen, we’d follow
wherever you go.
So tell us the day
when you’ll love one of us.


When I’ll love one of you?
I wouldn’t know!
Perhaps never…
…perhaps tomorrow.
But as for today…
…not a chance!
Love was always a bird too willful
for any man alive to tame.
Neither threats nor pleading matters.
One man may woo, another not.
And I favor the man who doesn’t.
Without a word, he says a lot.
Ah, love!
A child of gypsies love was born,
and gypsies never, ever follow laws.
If you disdain me, I may love you,
and if I do, be on your guard!
Like a bird you hoped to capture,
love spreads its wings and flies away.
Then returning, it darts around you,
high and low, and down at last.
You may grasp it, but it escapes you,
yet if you flee, it holds you fast.
A child of gypsies love was born,
and gypsies never, ever follow laws.
If you disdain me, I may love you,
and if I do, be on your guard!

Faust — “Le veau d’or”


Ruling still, stands the Golden Calf!
All the world is in his power.
When they bow before their idol,
king and commoner are one.
To the merry clink of gold,
all dance ’round his pedestal.
And the devil leads them on!

The Queen of Spades — Yeletsky’s Aria


You are so downcast, my dear.
Confide in me.
Wait, there is something I must say.
I love you beyond measure
and would do anything for you.
But I do not wish to stifle you.
I wish to be your loving husband and servant,
but also your friend.
But I see clearly how I have been
carried away by my dreams.
How little trust you have in me.
How alien and distant I seem to you.
I love you beyond measure.
Confide in me.

Eugene Onegin — Polonaise

Eugene Onegin — Chorus & Peasant Dance


No more can my weary feet
tramp across the fields
No more can my tired hands
labor all the livelong day.


No more shall I yearn for you,
for now I’m headed home.
Good day to your ladyship,
our kindly patroness!
Please accept our humble gifts.
We’ve brought the harvest home!


Harvest is over.
Have some fun now!
Another song!
A lively one perhaps.


If that’s your wish!
We’ll sing and dance for you!
’Cross the bridge a lad is coming,
fresh and ruddy as a berry!
There’s a cudgel on his shoulder,
beneath his coat, a bagpipe.
On his belt there hangs a whistle.
“Day is done, but are you sleeping?
Come outside or send another.”
“Send out Sasha, send out Masha!
Or the youngest one, Parasha!”
“Send out Sasha, send out Masha!
Or the youngest one, Parasha!”
From inside there came Parasha,
out to meet the gallant suitor.
“It’s so late,” she told him.
“So you see me in my nightgown,
in this flimsy little nightgown!”

The Flying Dutchman — “Mögst du, mein Kind”


Please give this visitor
the heartiest of welcomes…
…for he’s a seaman, too,
and so, our honored guest.
Kept from his native land
by years of constant travel…
…he built his fortune
by trading far and wide.
Now, as an exile from his own land,
he’d gladly pay for a new home.
So, Senta, would you be offended…
…if I invited him to stay?
Well, would you say I overpraised her?
Are you content with all you see?
I’d say I’ve said enough already.
The girl’s a credit to her sex.
Welcome our honored guest
in your most loving manner…
…for he aspires to win
your heart and hand.
Let him have both,
accepting his proposal…
…and if you will, tomorrow,
you’ll be man and wife.
See these gems, these costly jewels.
And he has more, finer than these.
So, if you desire them,
first accept his wedding ring.
But neither speaks.
Or have I talked too much?
I’d better leave them here alone.
Here is a husband well worth winning.
Truly, such luck won’t come again.
You two, stay here.
I’m going to leave you.
Trust me — she’s fair
and faithful, too.

The Flying Dutchman — “Die Frist ist um”


The term is up.
Once more, the seven years
have run their course.
The angry sea casts me
upon the shore.
But soon enough, proud sea,
your waves will bear me onward.
Your rage is fitful,
my torment has no end.
The peace I seek on land
never shall be mine.
Yours, unbounded ocean,
must I remain…
…until the final breaker rolls on. . .
…until the final drop runs dry.
How often have I sought to drown,
yet found that death escapes me still.
I drove my ship upon the reefs,
but found no grave within the depths.
I called out taunts to pirates,
and hoped to perish at their hands.
“Up, brigands, come aboard to pillage!
A treasure lies inside my hold.”
Alas, the sea’s barbaric sons
crossed themselves and sped away.
How often have I sought to drown…
Nowhere a grave!
Death never comes!
That is damnation’s
dread decree.
I ask of you, most blessed
of God’s angels…
…you who have promised
salvation at the last…
…was I your plaything,
someone you were mocking…
…when you assured me
I would be redeemed?
I ask you that, most blessed
of God’s angels…
To hope is futile.
Hope’s an empty lie.
For constancy has vanished
from this earth.
And yet one ray of hope is left me,
one alone that stands secure.
If from the dust rose all existence,
so must it turn to dust again.
O day of judgment!
Day of doom!
When will you dawn at last?
How long then till the final blow
that cracks the world itself in two?
For all the dead
will then arise…
…and I will sink
into the void.
You planets, roam the skies no more.
Utter extinction, claim me now!

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